Afghanistan – The 20 Year F***-Up

“The war ends with me!” And with that proclamation Biden has sentenced Afghans and American supporters to their deaths. In this episode, I discuss the implications of the worst planned withdrawal in the history of the US.

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Ep.4 – Women Claim Space!

Eliza VanCort is a speaker, emotional intelligence expert, acting teacher, and author of an upcoming book, “A Woman’s Guide to Claiming Space”. We tackle the uncomfortable conversation on the struggle women go through on a daily basis, how to claim your space, and the reasons it was so hard for her to get this book…

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Ep. 2 – George Floyd and the Just-World Hypothesis

George Floyd was murdered for something that had nothing to do with his past. Yet, this country won’t let him escape it long enough to realize the real criminal – Derek Chauvin. Are your Just-World beliefs making you less human?

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